Hosted Telephony

  • VOIP isn’t as expensive as you might think. Costly PBX style systems are not required.
  • VOIP fits every business and has no limits for growth and flexibility.
  • VOIP is one of the most flexible products in the business world and most calling add-ons that you would pay for on a traditional system comes as standard within your line rental.
  • Features changes are immediate and operated via a real-time portal. No engineering costs.
  • Do you need VOIP? If you are in growth, moving offices or your current system is end of life then the answer is likely to be yes.
  • VOIP is immediate. No 2 to 4 week waiting times for BT engineers.
All Inclusive VoIP


Fixed Monthly Cost.

No Hardware Costs.

Aggregated VoIP

Take control of upfront costs.

Lowest rate line rental.

Lowest rate calls.

Most cost effective.